Within a defined but flexible curriculum, the Montessori Teachers craft lessons that are accessible for children at different levels of development.


This is our toddler/transition program beginning from 12 months to 3 years. This is the time we aid children in developing focus and sustained attention. Teaching them completion of work – to begin a task and completing it and making them independent is especially important.

A lot of emphasis is given on hand eye coordination, motor skills, and control of the body. Potty training is an important part of the toddler/transition program. Music, language, and Outdoor play/PE are part of the curriculum.


This is our Early Childhood stage – 3-5 years. Every child contains unique and boundless potential; the role of the teacher is to guide children and help them develop on their own terms. After a child is assessed [challenging points in the different areas], the teacher starts working. Teachers vary the pace of instruction in the basic skills, enabling each child to achieve both personal and academic success. In small groups, as part of whole class activities, and in one- to-one sessions with teachers, opportunities are provided to encourage children to become active and independent learners. Different areas – Language, Math, Cultural, Science, Sensorial, and Practical life are emphasized in the classroom. Music, Outdoor play/PE, and Greenhouse are part of the curriculum.

VPK - Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten

Starting from 4+ the VPK curriculum is introduced. Around this time the teachers are focusing on moving from the abstract to the concrete. Lot of emphasis is given to writing and math concepts. Work hours get longer and children are prepared for the area public, private, and charter schools.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are activities that students participate in that do not fall into the realm of normal curriculum of school. We emphasize a lot on extra-curricular activities. Different age groups have different programs. Music, PE, Greenhouse, Art, and Nutrition/Cooking, are different areas that the children are exposed to. The whole idea of extra-curricular activities is to give a break to the children and teachers in their daily curriculum. Specialists in the areas come and engage the children in these activities. The payoff could be discovering a new talent and a good way for kids to be social in a more relaxed environment.


Guardian Montessori Academy is offering a summer camp for school- age children from 5 to 10 years old. Each week we will introduce a new theme. Students will learn about topics related to the themes and create crafts for a fun learning experience. There are also water days, movie days, visits from area professionals, and reading time. Sign up for one camp or all camps, with space available. Call today. (904-770-2045)

Themes for the Upcoming Summer

  • June 3 - 7 Art Camp
  • June 10 - 14 Fairy Tales Camp
  • June 17 - 21 Camping Camp
  • June 24 - 28 Superheroes Camp
  • July 1 - 5 Games and Sports Camp
  • July 8 - 12 Space Camp
  • July 15 - 19 Community Helpers Camp
  • July 22 - 26 Sea and Ocean Camp
  • July 29 - Aug. 2 Nature Camp
  • Camp hours will be 9:00am – 6:00pm Monday through Friday, beginning Monday June 3, 2024, and run through August 2, 2024. $275 per camp. The supply fee for summer is $100. Snacks will be provided. Students bring their own lunch and water bottle. We look forward to an exciting summer for everyone.